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KeyRing Steel - S-Biner by Nite Ize
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KeyRing Steel - S-Biner by Nite Ize
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Product Details:

The Nite Ize KeyRing Steel features six stainless steel S-Biners attached to a solid stainless steel ring. This allows you to carry numerous keys while being able to easily remove any key or a group of them... great when you need to give a key to a valet, mechanic, babysitter, etc. or when you want to go for a jog and only want to take your house key along. Best of all... you'll have no sore fingers and stress from trying to open an annoying split key ring! Each of the strong size #0 S-Biners can typically hold three keys (depending on the size of the keys, of course) and you can easily add plenty more S-Biners (sold separately) to expand the KeyRing Steel's capacity. You can use an S-Biner to attach the ring to your clothing, a backpack, another key ring, or whatever, or use an S-Biner or clip attached to something else to hold the KeyRing Steel. This may be a simple idea, but boy, it sure is handy! The KeyRing Steel measures 2.40 x 1.30 x 0.51 in. (61.05 x 33.05 x 13.10 mm) and weighs 0.78 oz (22.00 g). Available in stainless (silver) finish. (For a lighter weight version of this featuring colorful polycarbonate S-Biners, see the KeyRing.) Note: Due to the way Nite Ize packages this product, the package that the KeyRing Steel is sold with may just say 'KeyRing', not 'KeyRing Steel'. If it has metal S-Biners, it is indeed the Steel version.

This Product is in these Departments:     Pilot Accessories

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