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Book - 'Advanced Aerobatics' by Mike Goulian and Geza Szurovy
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Book - 'Advanced Aerobatics' by Mike Goulian and Geza Szurovy
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Product Details:

This book is the follow-on to 'Basic Aerobatics' by the same authors (available in a separate listing) and is intended to help pilots already flying basic aerobatics to refine their techniques and learn more advanced and difficult maneuvers. The introduction sums it up as follows: "If you are the kind of person who takes on the challenge of aerobatics, you are also likely to persevere to the limits of your skills. Our goal is to help you reach those limits." Author Mike Goulian is a well-known acro competitor and airshow performer and co-author Geza Szurovy is an award-winning-aviation writer and aerobatic pilot. Well-written, readable, and thorough, with many photos and diagrams.

Written by Mike Goulian and Geza Szurovy, Copyright 1997. ISBN 0-07-063302-9. Softcover. 235 pages.

Chapters include:

1. The world of advanced aerobatics
Special Section: Deciphering Aresti
2. Getting off the ground
3. Horizontal inside snap rolls
Special Section: Leo Loudenslager's world-champion
snap roll secrets
4. Vertical rolls
Special Section: Patty Wagstaff of perfecting the
vertical roll
5. Hesitation rolls
Special Section: Pitts, an American legend
6. Outside maneuvers
7. Rolling circles
8. Tailslides
Special Section: Know your parachute
9. Advanced snap rolls
Special Section: From a garage to the top of the world:
Story of a world-class monoplane
10. Advanced spins
Special Section: Advanced Aerobatic Maneuvers
in History
11. Gyroscopic maneuvers
Special Section: World champion Xavier de
L'Apparent's four-minute freestyle tips
12. Advanced sequence composition
Special Section: Diana Hakala on freestyle construction
13. Presentation
Special Section: John Morrissey, U.S. Team Coach, on
competition training
14. Handling the wind
Special Section: Phil Knight on conquering the wind
15. Competition training
Special Section: Steve Victorson on Mike Goulian's
physical fitness program
16. Advanced aerobatic aircraft


A. Useful addresses
B. Selected maneuver definitions, IAC Rule Book
C. Grading the Unlimited four-minute freestyle program
D. International Aerobatic Club Achievement Awards
E. Freestyle program composition forms
F. Sample page from FAI Aerobatic Catalog
G. Aerobatic schools
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