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Book - 'Composite Facts' by Sonja Englert
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Book - 'Composite Facts' by Sonja Englert
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Product Details:

This book is aimed at those who are considering building or maintaining a composite aircraft, as well as those who want to work with and design using composite materials. It is aimed at both beginners and at those who have an engineering background but are new to the world of composites. This book is not specific to any particular aircraft, but explores the techniques used in most composite aircraft construction, taking the reader all the way from mixing resin through to structural and design considerations. Various layup techniques, core construction and materials, bonding, tools, mold making, curing concerns, and material properties are all explained. Repairing damaged structures is covered, as is designing proper load transfers. Basic stress analysis and comparisons to metal structures is explored. Fiber orientation, fiber volume content, and structure weight is discussed.

Written by Sonja Englert. 4th Edition, Copyright 2010. ISBN 0-9752984-0-2. 124 Pages, over 80 illustrations. Softcover.

Chapters include:

Symbols and Abbreviations
1. Materials
(Fibers, General, Various Types of Fibers, Explanation of Terms, Matrix Materials, Epoxy Resin, Polyester Resin, Vinylester Resin, Cure Cycles, Chemical Resistance, Characteristics at Elevated Temperatures, Storage, Curing Control, Example of Resin, Filler Materials, Fabrics, Two-dimensional Fabrics, Three-dimensional Fabrics, Prepregs, Release Agents)
2. Manufacturing Processes
(Tools, Mixing Resin for the First Time, Wet Layup, Bonding, Assembly of a Molded Airplane, Moldless Construction, Sandwich Foam Cores, Vacuum Bagging, Postcuring, Molds, Simple Molds for Small Parts, Wing Molds)
3. Aircraft Structures and Components
(Fuel Tanks, Glass Bearings, Composite Trusses, Spar Cap Manufacturing, Electrical System and Grounding, Integration of Antennas, Bonding Canopies and Windows, Access Panels, Fire Resistance)
4. Finishing
(Preparation, Filling, Sanding, Detailing, Surface Finishing) 5. Sandwich Designs
(Basics, Core Materials, Balsa Wood, Foam, Honeycomb, 3D Fabric)
6. Repairs
(How to Recognize Damage, How to Repair Damaged Parts)
7. How to Design Composite Structures
(Loads, Bonding, Load Transfer, Bolted Connections, Load Transfer Examples, Construction of Loops)
8. Static Load Tests
(Material Design Data, Test Specimens, Determining the Modulus of Elasticity, Load Tests, Safety Factors)
9. The Theory of Composites
(What are Composites, Directional Properties, Free Breaking Lengths, Calculation of Roving Cross Sections, Calculation of Spar Cap Cross Sections, Calculation of Laminate Thickness, Fiber Volume Fraction and Fiber Weight Fraction, How to determine Fiber Weight or Fiber Volume Fraction, Twisting, Rules for Laminate Schedules, Buckling, an Instability Problem, Factors that Influence Buckling)
Appendix 1: Composite Materials Manufacturers/Suppliers
Appendix 2: Laminate Properties
Appendix 3: List of Approved Resins
Appendix 4: Laminating Resin System Database

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