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Skybolt Aileron Leading Edge Set - Laminated Plywood (Vacuum-Formed)
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Must be shipped via truck freight (due to size)
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Skybolt Aileron Leading Edge Set - Laminated Plywood (Vacuum-Formed)
Our Price:  $435.00

Product Details:

These high-quality formed aileron leading edges are made of two layers of .032 inch birch aircraft plywood, which are laminated together onto a form. Vacuum forming is used to provide an incredibly strong, consistent, and accurate product. Laminated plywood is very sturdy and ding-resistant, and if you do sustain hangar rash to these leading edges, you can generally effect a repair like you would any other wooden component. They are also easy to fair in smoothly with the rest of the structure, which helps to make for a smooth covering job. You may cut holes in these (such as for access or inspection plates) as needed. Each piece is 48 inches long and may be easily trimmed to fit. Set includes 4 pieces (one per aileron) plus an additional piece for use on the swept-back portions of the ailerons. Priced per set.


Lengths up to 100 inches and non-standard widths are available. Please contact us if you need a custom size.


These leading edges can be used on a variety of aircraft. To assist you with determining if this item will work on your project, we have provided a printable, full-sized template you may use to compare the leading edge profile shape to your aileron rib patterns. So long as your aileron ribs fit between the expanded and compressed cross-sections, then these leading edges should work for you. (Since printers vary, be sure to check your printout against a ruler to ensure that it printed out to the correct scale. If it didn't, you may need to adjust your print settings. In particular, check that it isn't trying to "expand" or "shrink" the file to fit the page.)

CLICK HERE to download the sizing template

This Product is in these Departments:     Skybolt Wings - Wood Components

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