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Book - 'The New Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft' by Vaughan Askue
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Book - 'The New Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft' by Vaughan Askue
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Product Details:

One area of homebuilding that has proved to have a major negative impact on safety is the ability of builders to properly flight test their aircraft. The majority of accidents involving experimental amateur built aircraft occur in the earliest flight hours of the aircraft's life. Very often, it is due to the builder/pilot.. i.e. the test pilot... being ill-equipped to thoroughly test the aircraft properly, and failing to understand the importance of performing a planned-out, incremental test program designed to thoroughly evaluate the aircraft and minimize the risk as far as possible. Sadly, many builders assume that because they built it, they can fly it... only to be proven wrong on the first flight, sometimes tragically so. Yet, this doesn't have to be the case. By taking a very deliberate and thorough approach tailored to understanding and minimizing the risks inherent to test-flying any new homebuilt aircraft, the homebuilder can become an effective test pilot, well prepared to explore the flight characteristics in a manner that maximizes the chances to detect and correct problems before they cause an accident. This updated version of this book (it was originally written in the 1980s) leads the homebuilt builder/pilot through this potentially hazardous process in a thorough and incremental manner, extending all the way from first opening up the plans through to first flights and then on to evaluating and tweaking the plane's performance. While minimizing risk and maximizing understanding is obviously an important aspect of surviving the initial flight test period of a newly-built, newly-acquired, or newly-modified experimental aircraft, carrying out a proper flight test program carries the additional benefit of greatly boosting the chances of ending up with a successful, safe, and pleasing aircraft that will serve its owner well for many years to come.

Written by Vaughan Askue, Copyright 2015. ISBN 978-1-941144-22-0. Published by Aircraft Technical Book Company. 171 Pages, Softcover.

Chapters include:

Introduction: Test Pilot
1. How To Begin
2. System Tests
3. Final Preparations
4. Taxi Tests
5. First Flight
6. Envelope Expansion
  7. Handling Qualities: Stability
8. Handling Qualities: Control
9. Pitot Staic System
10. Stall-Spin Testing
11. Performance
12. Engine Cooling
13. Conclusion
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