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Book - 'The Right Seat - An Intro To Flying For Pilot's Companions...' by Avram Goldstein
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Book - 'The Right Seat - An Intro To Flying For Pilot's Companions...' by Avram Goldstein
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Product Details:

This book is designed as an introduction to airplanes and flying for those who aren't pilots, or are thinking about becoming one. It serves as a good primer on airplane basics, and would be a great introduction to the fundamentals before taking your first flying lesson. It is also a good book for those who accompany a pilot, who want to increase their understanding of what is going on before and during the flight, and become a helpful partner in making for a better, safer flight. Topics such as how airplanes fly, communication, navigation, and assisting the pilot are covered. For anyone who has ever wondered if they could take over and land the plane if their pilot friend or spouse became incapacitated during flight, that situation is covered as well.

Written by Avram Goldstein, CFI, CFII, Copyright 1986. ISBN 978-0938013013. Published by Airguide Publications. 160 pages, Softcover.

Chapters include:

0. Introduction
1. The Airplane: A User-Friendly Introduction
A Walk Around The Airport
The Engine Doesn't Make It Fly -- It's The Wings
Inside The Cabin: The Power Controls And The Power Instruments
The Flight Controls And Flight Instruments
A Few Simple Exercises - And Two New Instruments
2. Navigation: Where Are You? Where Do You Go Next?
Navigating By Eye
Navigating By Instruments
3. Communication: How To Talk, How To Listen
Communication Technique
Radio Frequencies For Communication
Communications From Tie-Down To Tie-Down
  4. How To Help Your Pilot Friend Without Ruining The Friendship
5. How To Take Over In An Emergency
What To Do Immediately
What To Do Next
Landing The Airplane
6. Appendix
Answers To Chapter 1 Problems
Answers To Chapter 2 Problems
Answers To Chapter 3 Problems
Answers To Chapter 4 Problems
Answers To Chapter 5 Problems
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