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Flying Wire Wrench
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Flying Wire Wrench
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Product Details:

As any owner or builder of a plane that uses streamlined flying wires will attest, proper wire tension is crucial to safe flight, but getting that tension can be nerve-wracking. The very last thing you want to do is risk damaging your expensive, custom-made streamlined flying wires by using the wrong tool! Using ordinary pliers or wrenches to tighten or twist streamlined wires can easily cause nicks or scratches, which will require that the wire gets replaced with a new one... ouch! This flying wire wrench is designed to avoid that sad situation. The head of the wrench has several slots to fit various wire sizes up to AN676. The 4.5 inch long steel handle is attached to a multi-slotted head machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, which is hard enough to be durable yet softer than the stainless steel flying wires... so it won't cause nicks unless it is seriously misused. The head is also wide enough to avoid slippage or introducing a kink or bend into the wires, another problem inherent with the use of ordinary tools on flying wires. So long as you don't use this tool to radically overtighten your wires, it will last for many, many years... and if this wrench saves you from breaking even one wire, it will have paid for itself many, many times over!

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Tools & Building Aids

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