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Book - 'Airplane Rigging' by David Russo
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Book - 'Airplane Rigging' by David Russo
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David Russo is the author of the wildly popular book "Steel Tube Fuselage Construction Techniques" and his second book on aircraft rigging takes the same approach... fact-driven, to-the-point discussions with many clear drawings, diagrams, and photos to ensure understanding. While basic rigging info isn't too hard to find, this book delves into the previously neglected finer points of the subject, which is important for fine-tuning any aircraft to maximize performance. While many think of "rigging" as setting the angles on the wings and tail, this book also covers rigging the engine, aeroelasticity and mass balancing, landing gear, propellers, and control systems. As the author states in the introduction, "slight changes in rigging are the main reason that two identical rental aircraft have a ten knot difference in speed or a 150 FPM difference in climb rate... even slight out of rig conditions can make instrument flight very tiring in small airplanes". Since most aircraft builders or owners want to get the most performance and best control characteristics possible from aircraft, whether it's a screaming aerobatic beast, a sedate family-hauler, or something else entirely, this book is well worth studying both during the construction process and after the aircraft is flying. Mr. Russo does a fine job of breaking what can be a very complicated set of issues down into understandable processes that any reasonably dedicated aircraft owner or airframe mechanic can follow to obtain the best possible performance from their airplane.

Written by Dave Russo, Copyright 2007. ISBN 0-9774896-5-5. Published by Aircraft Technical Book Company. 220 Pages, Softcover.

Chapters include:

Table of Contents
1. Airplane Geometry and Definitions
Flight Control Systems
Aircraft Axes
Airframe Drawings
Center Line
Reference Datum
Buttock Lines
Water Lines
Airplane Components and Definitions
Wing Panel
Wing Section
Wing Planform
Wing Root and Wing Tip
Vertical Stabilizer and Rudder
Horizontal Stabilizer and Elevator
Trim Tab
Servo and Anti-Servo tabs
Control Surface
Biplane Parts
Airfoil Geometry
Chord Line
Mean Camber Line
Symmetrical Airfoil
Asymmetrical Airfoil
Zero Lift Line
Incidence Angle
Thrust Line
Control Deflection
Decalage (Biplanes)
Stagger (Biplanes)
Gap (Biplanes)
Mean Aerodynamic Chord
2. Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics Affecting Rigging
Aircraft Movement
Straight and Level Flight
Accelerated and Unaccelerated Flight
Aircraft Coordinate Systems
Body-Axis Coordinate System
Wind-Axis Coordinate System
Earth-Axis Coordinate System
Aircraft Control
Control Force
Control Effectiveness
Control Response
Control Power
Control Authority
Control Sensitivity
Trim and Stability
Conventional Aircraft in Pitch Equilibrium (Longitudinal Stability)
Slip, Skid, and Sideslip
Inclinometer or Slip/Skid Indicator
Airfoils/Wing Sections
Symmetrical Airfoil
Asymmetrical Airfoil
Lift Curve Slope
Total Aerodynamic Force
Spanwise Lift Distribution
Lift Curve Slope of a Whole Wing
Effect of Aircraft Rotation on Lift and Drag
Deflection of Flaps on Wings
Effect of Center of Gravity on Aircraft Performance
Performance Aspects of CG
Controllability and Stability Aspects of CG
Effect of Propeller on Airplane Dynamics
Yawing Moments and Sideslip
Pitching Moments
Rolling Moments
Rigging for Propeller Phenomenon
Incidence Angle of the Wing
Incidence Angle of the Horizontal Stabilizer
Effect of Incidence Changes on Maneuvering
Minimum Flying Qualities to Be Investigated After Incidence Changes of the Wing or Tail
Stall of the Horizontal Stabilizer
Bungee and Spring Centering Systems for the Elevator Control Circuit
Biplane Aerodynamics
Deep Stall Phenomenon
3. Rigging Tools
Metrology for Rigging
Accuracy, Resolution, and Repeatability
Symmetric Distribution of Error
Length of Straightedges
Measuring Instruments
Protractors/Clinometers; Propeller Protractor, Protractor Head, or Angle Finder
Trammel Bar
Plumb Bob
Adapters and Aircraft Specific Rigging Tools
Dihedral Board
Incidence Board
Throw Board
Neutral Board
Control Locks
Thrustline Measurement Tools
Cable Tensiometer
Wire Tensiometer
Streamlined Flying Wire Tool
Torque Seal
Turnbuckle Holder
Surveying Transit and Similar Equipment for Rigging
Slip/Skid Indicator
Yaw String
Attitude Indicator
Turn Coordinator/Turn and Bank Indicator/Turn and Slip Indicator
Compass and Heading Indicator
  4. Factors in Rigging
Control Friction
Control Cable Tension
Adjusting Cable Tensions
Control Wear or Sloppiness
Control Stops
Control System Operational Tests Per FAR 23.683
Gap Seals
General Control Checks
Hardware Encountered in Rigging
Rod Ends
Clevis Forks
Flying Wires/Tie Rods
Check or Jam Nuts
Stall Strips
Fixed Trim Tabs
Vortex Generators
Type Certificate Data Sheets
Setting Up
5. Initial Rigging
Setting the Fixed Surfaces
Leveling the Fuselage
Setting the Vertical Stabilizer
Setting the Wing
Setting the Thrustline
Setting the Horizontal Stabilizer
Setting the Slip/Skid Indicator
Setting the Movable Surfaces
Aileron and Elevator
Elevator Trim
Setting the Other Trims
Bungee and Spring Centering Systems for Primary Flight Controls
Aileron/Rudder Interconnect
Wheel Fairings
Wing Tips
Setting Wire Tensions
Landing and Taxi Lights
Testing the Rig
6. Correcting Rigging Problems
Straight and Level Flight
Bendable Trim Tabs
Maneuvering Flight
High Speed Flight
7. Vibration
Elements of Vibration
Period and Cycle
Classes of Vibration
Natural Frequency
Damping and Loss Factor
Vibration of Rotating Parts
Measurement of the Amplitude of Vibration
Relationship Between Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration
Relationship between Amplitude Measurement and Frequency
Structural Fatigue
Vibration Dampeners/lsolators
Aircraft Vibration
Sources of Aerodynamic Vibration
Aircraft Skin
Cables, Hoses, Tubing, and Antennas
Instrument Panels
Engine Mounts and Suspension Systems
Powerplant Vibration
Engine Vibration
Propeller Vibration
Airframe/Powerplant Resonance
Troubleshooting Powerplant Vibrations
8. Powerplant Rigging
Setting Blade Angle
Static Balancing
Blade Tracking
Dynamic Balancing
Idle Speed
Propeller and Propeller Governor Settings
Adjusting Ground Adjustable Propellers for Performance
9. Aeroelasticity and Control Surface Mass Balancing
Mass Balancing
Static Mass Balancing
Dynamic Mass Balancing
Balancing Terminology and Mathematics
Measuring the Balance and Attaching Weights
10. Landing Gear Rigging and Vibration
Wheel Alignment
Caster and Trail
Rigging the Gear
Landing Gear Problems
Wheels and Tires
Landing Gear
Other Problems
Preloading Wheel Bearings (Tapered Roller Bearings)
11. Biplane Rigging
Level the Fuselage
Wing Assembly
Wing Rigging
Rigging the Center Section
Rigging the Wings
Appendix A - Math for Rigging
Finding the Chord of An Arc
Trigonometric Functions
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